Is Udo Kier Replacing Dieter Laser In Tom Six’s ‘Human Centipede 3’?

udo kier replacing dieter laser in human centipede 3 tom six

Last week we got word from ‘The Human Centipede 3‘ producer Ilona Six that Tom Six would be suing Dieter Laser over script concerns, and now we’ve gotten word that Udo Kier is being pursued for the film which would make for very smart casting.

dieter laster in tom six's the human centipede movie
Just as Tom Six was ready to start production on ‘The Human Centipede 3′ in June, things got prickly between he and ‘The Human Centipede‘ star Dieter Laser bringing the film to a halt. Laser e-mailed us explaining that it was script issues and many have assumed that meant a demand for more money. Whatever the case, we’ve been inundated with e-mails and calls that Six was reaching out to Udo Kier as a replacement.

I couldn’t think of a better replacement for Laser since there is a creepy resemblance and Kier would bring so much to the role. Six would easily be able to bring him in and still combine all the films in his controversial trilogy. We reached out several days ago to producer Ilona Six, but we’ve not heard anything back. She’s usually one to respond quickly so this could definitely be a sign that our German and US sources are right again. When the calls and e-mails first started, I didn’t think much about it, but as they’ve persisted and no word back from either of the Six clan, there could be some truth to it, and I think many fans would be ecstatic with that development.
tom six director of the human centipede 3 movie
Tom Six is busy on the script (which could mean that he’s already reshaping to include Kier or Laser demands are being meant. With Six’s ‘up yours’ attitude, I would lay odds on the former), and he’s reached out on Twitter for some curse word suggestions. Naturally we tossed him one of our favorites. Here’s what he asked for “I need the most vile, degrading swearwords /combinations in the English language who can help me out?“, and the day before he tweeted “True creativity may never consist of compromises. I rather stop filmmaking and believe me I WON’T muuuhahahahahahaha.”

Hopefully we’ll hear from the Six clan about the next steps for the Centipede and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that Kier could make the cut.  Kier and Martin could make quite the creepy and effective duo for the final film.
dieter laser stars in the human centipede movie

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