Top Movie Poster Cliches

top movie poster cliches frankenweenie

Last year we ran a piece about how movie posters loved to borrow from each other, and now we see that things really haven’t changed that much in the past year as you can see below. It makes you wish Mondo posters could create all of them instead.

dark knight rises mondo posters

Mondo does it best!

Last November, we showed how Hollywood not only loves to recycle movie ideas aka Rebooting but movie posters get the same kind of treatment. Not much has changed in the past year, and they’ve been included in the current crop put together by our friends over at Hollywood Leek. I guess they’re part of the same by recycling the similar story, but with some updating! So here’s they’re top 13 biggest movie poster cliches with a couple Mondo posters thrown in to show how they stand head and shoulders above the studios.

1. The Back to Back aka I’ve got your back…you can trust me not to poke you in this position…

back to back action top movie poster cliches

Mondo Hellraiser Poster


2. Laying in Bed aka This could make the audience think they’ll get a glimpse of us naked when we get out, but you’ll have a bra on and my underwear for realism…

we're laying in bed covered up top movie poster cliches

3. Big Head Floating Over a Beach aka My Vacuous Head In The Beach Clouds Trend

bloated head floating on beach mel gibson top movie poster cliches

4. Blue, Generally with a Moon or Sun aka Nature Looks Better In Blue…

nature in blue top movie poster cliches

5. Covering Eyes with Something aka if I don’t watch my movie, I won’t know how bad it sucks…

cover actor's eyes top movie poster cliches

6. The Ol’ Through the Legs Shot aka it looks sexy until you see who the legs actually belong to…

lets gets between my thighs top movie poster cliches

7. Someone Standing with Their back to you… Preferably with a Weapon aka It gets hotter when you see what up front…

actors back to audience with weapon top movie poster cliches

8. Big Face with Words in Front of it aka I’m so pretty words on my face can’t hide it…

words on matt damon's actors face top movie poster cliches

9. Big Creepy Eye aka I like to play with my one-eyed bandit…

creepy one eyed bandit top movie poster cliches

10. Faces Made Up From Other Things aka like my life, it’s full of pointless things making me whole…

collage of nic cage actors top movie poster cliches

11. Running Like Crazy From Something aka the movies more exciting when you know I’m working for my large salary…

tom cruise actors running for top movie poster cliches

12. Black and White Action Movie… with flames aka it’s the one time I can flame in public without TMZ outing me…

flaming actors for top movie poster cliches tom cruise

13. Red Dresses. So many Red Dresses…aka Red is the new black is the new brown…

top movie poster cliches tons of red dresses

Lookalike Poster Trend – Best Movies Ever

Top Movie Poster Cliches – Best Movies Ever News

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