Ryan Lochte Naked Funding Shriveling Up

ryan lochte shocked penile peek funding not going so well

Who would have thought that when we reported about the Ryan Lochte Penile Peek fund yesterday, things wouldn’t have begun to shrivel up for the Olympic swimmer, but suddenly two major contributors who had sprung to action have softened up and pulled out.

ryan lochte sad that shirtless penile peek funding going softer
Either interest is waning or people feel like they’ve seen enough of Ryan Lochte and don’t need to see what lies beneath that star covered pink crotch, but last night the Lochte Penile Peek fund was standing firm at $100 and had gotten even firmer earlier today at $140, but two contributors did a premature pull out without cleaning up any mess and the fund is now down to $67.

What’s interesting is that Gawker who owns the site doing the fundraising (or in this case, fund negating) paid $12,000 for nude shots of Brett Favre in 2010.

ryan lochte naked image reactions from deadspin staff
These shots above got the site over 4 million views, so no one’s sure why they haven’t forked over the much smaller amount for a little Lochte. The site states that they won’t be purchasing the photo which either means, they’re not 100% of its authenticity or as the image above shows, they just weren’t too impressed.Here’s the link if you want to stiffen up the funding a little more. Sports Marketing experts have commented that if this was a naked shot of Michael Phelps, the funds would be going through the roof. Seems that everyone is still putting the little Lochte in the Phelps shadow.
ryan lochte shocked that penile funding shriveling up on him

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