Memorizing ‘90210’ Lines Comes Hard For Ryan Lochte

ryan lochte on 90210 set shoot memorizing lines

Ryan Lochte got his day on the set of 90210 where he arrived wearing a white t-shirt, but that came off pretty quickly. His most memorable line was stating that memorizing those incredibly complex lines for the CW show were just plain hard…

ryan lochte gets tanning time shirtless on 90210 set
Ryan Lochte made it through his day on the set of 90210 delivering lines as well as anyone expected. It doesn’t really matter since fans are just going to be watching for his shirtless time which is pretty much all of it. Michael Phelps gets a mention, but the part that just makes you want to pet this young swimmer on the head was when Access Hollywood asked him what the most difficult part of the 90210 experience was. “memorizing lines and trying to like say them and still do movement, that was hard.”
ryan lochte gets girlfriend on 90210 show
“Before I was training so much I didn’t have time for a girlfriend because I wanted to give that perfect someone my heart,” the Olympic medalist said, once again trying to fend off his mom’s comments about only one night stands were good for her son. Lochte is becoming a real life Call Me Maybe candidate as he once again put it out their for Blake Lively.Girl, you better hurry up before he gets swallowed up by the barricudas on The Bachelor. Right now, we’ve heard that ABC is onboard for him for Dancing With the Stars and their waiting on Michael Phelps since that would be a ratings boost for the show for the two swimming rivals to once ahead go head to head…or feet to feet in this case. With The Bachelor, ABC’s is also onboard, but Lochte’s team is weighing the options. Here’s what we heard.

“We know that The Bachelor could be a big risk either way for Ryan. It makes his team nervous since he could come off extremely loveable which we all know he is, or just dimmer than a 1 watt bulb. ABC wants to have him, but it’s still being talked out on his end.”
ryan lochte arrived on 90210 set with white t shirt
ryan lochte stumbles lines but gets makeup for 90210 show
ryan lochte goes shirtless for 90210 show and blake lively
That’s a smart thing to think out since Lochte’s getting hit left and right with offers, and if he’s serious about wanting to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, he’ll need to have plenty of time for training. Plus, he’s still waiting for Blake Lively to Call Him Maybe sometime…
ryan lochte waiting for blake lively to call him maybe images

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  1. Oh…he’s so pretty. Yes, sweetie remembering how to say a line & do movement at the same time CAN be hard.

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