Real Housewives Of Atlanta NeNe Leakes Confused For Mary J Blige & Porsha Stewart

nene leakes wants porsha stewart fired from real housewives of atlanta

Who would’ve thought low key Porsha Stewart would have gotten the kind of controversy you’d expect from new cast member Kenya Moore on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta? And the bigger surprise is that NeNe Leakes wants her off the show more than arch rival Phaedra Park! The reality show has ended it’s fifth season and the fireworks have continued so season 6 should be an interesting one!

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion shows were pretty heated and intense, but no one saw the accusations coming against Porsha Stewart and her husband Korbell. After defending her missing husband on the Reunion show, Porsha was served divorce papers the same week her big declaration of marriage was to air on the final special. The big scandal is this:

“Porsha found out that she was NOT going to come back on the show – and both she and her husband [Kordell] desperately wanted to stay on the Housewives. So they figured if they created a FAKE DIVORCE, like NeNe [Leakes] did – it would be enough drama for them to be asked back.”

porsha stewart divorce from kordell faked for real housewives of atlanta

So it’s being said that Porsha had officially been let go of the show, but then with a sudden last minute story of divorce in the air perked them back up again to keep her for another season. Leakes has come under fire for her divorce from husband Greg and now they’ll get their own tv special focusing on them and their marriage. With reality tv we know, reality is usually an afterthought.

real housewives of atlanta nene leakes lounging

The fact that NeNe shocked everyone on Watch What Happens Now and told Andy Cohen that she felt Porsha had to go from the show, and everyone knows that whatever NeNe wants now, she gets. She’s the sole original castmate on the show after Kim Zolciak did her dramatic walk-off, and the producers know they can’t afford to lose her.

Right now, Bravo execs are seeing if this story blows over or not before making any rash decision about Stewart. Hey, if this is true, she’s much better at coming up with storylines than Sheree Whitfield was! With rumors like this, it can go one way or the other. It can either make Porsha look smarter and savvier in reality tv than anyone gave her credit for or enough beating up could make people feel sorry for her. As much as they did when the story came out that she found out about her divorce through Twitter.

nene leakes confused for mary j blige at lax

On a lighter funnier note, a cameraman ran into Nene Leakes at LAX and asked her name. When she didn’t respond and kept working her Twitter finger, he then asked if she was Mary J Blige. This quickly got him a response from her that wasn’t too friendly looking. At least it was a complimentary person….hell, he could’ve asked if she was Sherri Shepherd. That would’ve been a real slap in the face.

porsha stewart faking divorce for real housewives of atlanta

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