Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer Shocking Drop From Top 2 Spots

rafael nadal consoling roger federer over drop from top ten rankings

Hard to believe, but for the first time in a decade neither Roger Federer nor Rafael Nadal are in the top two spots for the tennis world ranking. It’s more shocking since these two are simply two of the best tennis players of all time, but Federer still can regain his standing. Nadal won’t be able to get back to his usual place in the world ranks until the Australian Open next season.

We’ve been following Rafael Nadal’s road to recovery since last June’s game put a quick stop to his tennis playing after he took time off for his ankle to heal. Naturally, we knew he would slip down in the rankings, but we’d never have guessed that Swiss tennis champ Roger Federer would also slip down to the third position. Let alone slip down to make room for Andy Murray. Murray has been on a role since stunning everyone at the 2012 London Olympics, and he’s not planning on stopping until he reaches the number one spot. Rest assured Novak Djokovic won’t give up his number one easily though. Currently Spain’s David Ferrer is in fourth place with Nadal taking the fifth position.

andy murray rafael nadal tummy with roger federer and novak djokovic images

Federer has the world record of 237 consecutive weeks as world number one. Overall, he has kept the top ranking for an all-time record 302 weeks. On the other hand, Nadal has kept hold on number one ranking for a total of 102 weeks. Though, the Spaniard has the record of most consecutive weeks as world number two at 160. Overall, he has remained at number two spot for a record 241 weeks.

When Federer went to second spot in the ranking on November 17, 2003, Nadal was ranked 47 at that time, while Murray and Djokovic were at 547 and 680th position respectively. The Swiss Maestro moved to number one rank on February 2, 2004 and stayed there for a record 237 consecutive weeks.

Nadal reached second spot for the first time on July 25, 2005. The Spaniard remained at number two position for a record straight 160 weeks, replacing Federer to get to the top of the world ranking for the first time on August 18, 2008. Nadal went out of top two for few weeks in 2009 and 2010 but Federer held the top position during that period.

After that, Federer went out of the top two for some weeks in 2010 and 2011 but Nadal kept number one or two ranking during that period.

Federer can easily get back into his number two spot with the upcoming season on clay, but Nadal will have a much tougher comeback. It’s not been easy for him as he had a bit of a false start at the end of last year, but the ‘king of clay’ will still be the one to beat this time of year. We’re rooting for his comeback along with the rest of you!

roger federer hugging rafael nadal on tennis courts

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