Paramount To Order Up Jackass 4 Plus 3 More Jackass Films


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Paramount Orders Up Jackass 4 Plus 3 More Jackass Films

best movies ever Jackass 3D Interview - Wee Man, Ryan Dunn & More

Paramount To Order Up Jackass 4 Plus 3 More Jackass Films
Indie Genius Best Movies Ever

Jackass 3D Movie Best Movies Ever Johnny Knoxville Steve O Curt Johnson Naked 2

As Best Movies Ever told you last week, Paramount has got Jackass 4 on the way next year, but now they’ve ordered three more Jackass films. Now it’s up to Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O & Company to name their price. If they’re smart they’ll wrangle for more than the $2 million per pic Paramount’s offering each of them.

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We told you last week that Paramount was hot to sign up the ‘Jackass’ boys up again for another movie next year, but after hitting second place this weekend at the box office and well on their way to $100 million, the studio wants to hold on to them for a little bit longer. At least four more Jackasses longer so they’re smartly trying to lock them into a deal now while the boys are still raring to do more crazy stunts.

Best Movies Ever heard over the weekend about this, but we wanted to check with our source over at Paramount to make sure this was not just hopeful gossip. Well, it’s true and Paramount has already put out an offer to each of the Jackass guys including Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee-Man, Ryan Dunn, Bunny Boy and the rest of the gang for $2 million per film for each. Since the guys kinda fell under the radar after Jackass 2 and the studio is definitely reminding them of this before they try to ask for more money.
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What we find interesting about this is the fact that if a biopic was ever done on these guys, the actors portraying them would be making way more than just $2 million plus they wouldn’t have to do their own stunts. These guys do it all so it seems like they’re in a nice position to ask for a little bit more since Paramount won’t be paying their health insurance when they’re feeling all the repercussions from their stunts in the next ten to twenty years. Paramount, with all the money you’ve made from these guys plus what you will be, you could add another million on without feeling it. Heck, football players make that big bundle since they know the damage their doing to their bodies is going to come back to haunt them.

Jackass 3D Johnny Knoxville & Company Interview Best Movies Ever

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Enjoy the Jackass 3D Cast Interview with Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Best Movies Ever.
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  1. i want jackass 4 already :)

  2. i hope they at least do a tribute movie for Ryan Dunn. RIP

  3. They could keep making these films up to the point that they could recreate the “Son of Jack-ass” skit ending the first film without needing “geezer make-up” and I think they would still find a way to make it entertaining.I hope this doesn’t read the wrong way when I say it is almost tragic that all the creativity these dudes have when they collaborate manifests into self abuse as opposed to science. However, I think it has pretty well proven that laughter can be just as beneficial as almost anything else! BRING ON JACK-ASS 4,5,6, AND 7!

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