Eduardo Sanchez’s ‘Lovely Molly’ Asks Is It Real?

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Eduardo Sanchez made his name from the Blair Witch Project, and he’s back with Lovely Molly, another slow burn horror movie that has a new clip and two readers will be getting a blu-ray copy of the film next week!

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Eduardo Sanchez might have pioneered the ‘found footage’ horror genre with ‘The Blair Witch Project‘, but he knows not to kick a dead horse so ‘Lovely Molly‘ doesn’t resort to that overused format, but it does use the slow burn build-up which makes for quite the powerful payoff. Gretchen Lodge stars in a rather fascinating character study that gets creepier as you go along and reminded me of the effect ‘The Innkeepers‘ had when I watched it. For those Hyper ADD’rs out there that expect extreme horror right off the bat, this isn’t for you. But for those that love pure horror and being creeped out and those shivers up your spine, check out this film.

I’d easily put Sanchez’s latest film is the ranks of ‘May‘, ‘Grace‘ and even ‘Teeth‘ as one that knows how to use restraint and timing the impacts so they pack a major punch rather than doling out quick easy scares along the way. Mixing up child abuse, drug addiction and just plain human misery makes for some intense turmoil that culminates into some powerful fears rising up to grab you by the throat.

Gretchen Lodge is very memorable in this role that seems tailor written for her, and she attacks it with a gusto. It’s not an easy one since we spend the first hour not really knowing if Molly is going crazy and spiraling way out of control or are there spirits haunting her. Those types of films are delicate balancing acts since many actors will overact, but not Lodge. She embodies this role and makes you feel for her much like how that disturbing film ‘May’ managed to.

[callout title=Lovely Molly Movie Synopsis]A young newlywed woman is thrust into a supernatural nightmare of the unknown when she moves into her deceased father’s house. “Molly’s life as the wife of a trucker and a member of the custodial staff at a local mall imbues the story with a refreshing working-class realism that enhances the corrupting presence of an evil seeking to defile everything she holds dear. Newcomer Lodge’s compelling transformation from withdrawn waif to haunted seductress is harrowing and strikingly real. A battle rages inside Molly for control of her newfound sobriety, her life and her very soul. Lodge displays arresting intensity as a victim of supernatural abuse, and when her inner turmoil compels Molly to lash out, those around her had better be on guard” because neither she nor the evil that stalks her are willing to go down easy.”

Starring Gretchen Lodge, Johnny Lewis, and Alexandra Holden

Directed By: Eduardo Sanchez

Release Date: August 28, 2012 [/callout]
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