Klaine, Finchel, Brittana ‘Glee’ Break Up Aftermath Full Clips & Images

glee break up with klaine finchel brittana aftermath images

With Ryan Murphy’s Glee on hiatus until next month, here’s a slew of new images and full performance clips of Klaine, Finchel and Brittana to make you look forward to when it returns. Check them out below.

finchel klaine kurt blaine in bed for glee images
Now you all can see that our sources are very solid when it comes to Glee! I know many of you were rather vocal not believing us when we warned you way back when about Brittana, but now you know, we know what we’re talking about! Also, after seeing the episode last week, you can understand why I didn’t want to give anything away in my review.
finchel klaine in bed on glee break up
darren criss emotional glee after cheating on kurt with eli
blaine gets poked by eli c on glee
glee break up with brittana klaine and darren criss cheated
glee kurt reacts to blaine cheating teenage dream
klaine break up kurt singing scientist on glee
klaine glee with kurt blaine singing don't speak images
glee klaine kurt and blaine in bed images
glee chris colfer kurt singing in mirror for don't speak
kurt looks sad that blaine klaine cheated on glee
rachel with dean geyer brody on glee
santana naya rivera breaks up with brittany on glee
santana breaks up with brittany heather morris on glee
chris colfer kurt hummell sings to sad klaine blaine on glee
As we said before about Klaine, that still stands as you’ll later in the season. Murphy did a great job with Klaine, Finchel and Brittana, although he was able to throw in a curveball which he loves doing. Anyone who’s been in a relationship where the other ‘cheated’ knows how reality works, and that doesn’t always end a relationship. Many fans are hating on Blaine (Darren Criss) for the moment, but that will all change soon.

Glee returns on November 8th, and I’ll have some great new images from the upcoming episode The Role You Were Born To Play along with some new clips tomorrow. Enjoy all the images above, and don’t expect to see the Eli C. character anytime soon if at all, plus much more Dean Geyer’s Brody.
darren criss crying for kurt blaine on glee teenage dream

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Glee Don’t Speak Full Performance – Best Movies Ever

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Glee Scientist Full Performanace – Best Movies Ever

Klaine, Finchel, Brittana ‘Glee’ Break Up Aftermath Clips & Images – Best Movies Ever News


  1. klaineheart says:

    Hi do u have any new news about klaine. There are rumors about 4×13 episode is gonna be the opposite of the break up. Its saying that either all ships or just klaine is getting back together. :) But reading about kurts new love interest and hearing he will be recuring for season 4 and possible made series regular for season 5 :( so does this mean that this is the end of klaine or will we be seeinf klaine kisses soon.

  2. Have loved your articles, you tell it as it is, and for those non-believers I say HA! I never hated on Blaine, still tied with Kurt for being favourite. Plus,I like to know all the facts before judging a situation, and we know next to nothing really. And as for the so-called cheating, it will be interesting to see what happens with that storyline.  I agree with goldiegirl that many (including me) don’t want to wait too long to see Klaine get moving in the right direction, which is back to where they were.. only better! I hope the change in people hating on Blaine, is that he is fighting for Kurt and not waiting for something to happen.

  3. goldiegirl says:

    Someone had pages fro ep 7 and there is a flashback that goes with the pic that RM tweeted showing Blaine on the bed in Eli’s room and according to the script it shows him bringing Blaine a glass of water before he runs out of the room. Blaine flashes back when he is talking to Sam about cheating on Kurt and why he is considering transferring back to Dalton. A good portion of the script has been posted and the source is has been vetted pretty thoroughly. We’ll see if it seems that Blaine and Kurt seem to be making their way back together – not sure fans are all that willing to wait too horribly long although most like some good development.

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