Yup, There’s Gonna Be A Jackass 4 Movie And Soon!


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Yup, There’s Gonna Be A Jackass 4 Movie

jackass 3d best movies ever curt johnson steve o

Yup, There’s Gonna Be A Jackass 4 Movie
Indie Genius Best Movies Ever

jackass 3d movie best movies ever steve o johnny knoxville naked

Best Movies Ever knew with the success of Jackass 3D Paramount Pictures would be scrambling to get a Jackass 4 going quickly and our sources tell us it may be sooner than you think!

jackass 3d best movies ever curt johnson steve o
After Jackass 3D made box office history for the best ever Fall opening record, Best Movies Ever hit up our sources in Knoxville camp to see how quickly Paramount would be begging them for Jackass 4. Jackass 3D has already brought in close to $60 million in less than a week out with a production budget of only $20 million, this is the kind of return that studio fantasize about. The Los Angeles Times are guessing that another film will be made, but our sources confirmed that yes another Jackass is coming down the pike and if Paramount had it’s way, it would be in time for next summer rather than the few years the Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and company usually take between films.

Director Jeff Tremaine claimed that there’d be no more Jackass’s after Jackass 2, but this time he’s raring for another round, and in the media he’s been commenting that even the guys are hitting and in their 40’s, that won’t stop them from continuing the very profitable franchise. Our source said that there’s been talk of bringing in some fresh younger recruits to give a little breather to Steve-O who takes the brunt of the stunts. Even in Jackass 3D, Steve-O makes the comment “Why do I have to be Steve-O?” Tremaine told the Los Angeles Times that it doesn’t take a lot of skill to do the stunts, just bravery and those boys have it in spades.
jackass 4 movie best movies ever johnny knoxville naked
Johnny Knoxville said many times before Jackass 3D hit theaters that they always overshot and were planning on having a Jackass 3.5 come out on dvd/blu-ray like they did after the second Jackass movie, but they’ve suddenly gone quiet about that. Best Movies Ever was told by another source close to the studio that if Paramount had their way, Jackass 4 would be in theaters by the spring or no later than summer with the additional footage. They’re already asking Knoxville about what locations to shoot in so it’s pretty certain that they want to have new footage that can be worked together with what wound up on the cutting room floor. Knoxville claimed they shot enough for two movies, so I’m sure Paramount was listening. Best Movies Ever can guarantee that we’ll be updating you by next week about the certainty of this happening and we’ll come up with our own TOLDJA, but not so brash as Nikki Finke.

Lastly, Steve-O has talked in several interviews that there were many great bits that just couldn’t fit into the final Jackass 3D film, and this is the first time after one of their films, that the gangs not being very elusive about another film being made. I’m sure the budget will go up a little, but these guys are worth it even if some of our highbrow colleagues disagree. We say bring on the fart darts!

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