INTERVIEW: Katrina Law Talks ‘Spartacus Vengeance’, Liam McIntyre & Her Loincloth Posse

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Spartacus: Vengeance‘ fan favorite Katrina Law (Mira) took some time to discuss how her role on the hit show has grown, the addition of Liam McIntyre and dealing with all those loincloths around her. She also offers some tips for everyone trying to keep their New Year’s resolution of getting fit.

katrina law spartacus vengeance interview liam mcintyre 2012

Source: Joe DeAngelis

Last season Katrina Law’s main role was looking beautiful and falling in love with Spartacus, but everything’s changed for the new season where she gets to fight, continue with Spartacus while still looking lovely. Unbeknownst to her, her early years were setting her up to be cast in the world of Spartacus as she began weightlifting on the Varsity team high school, going on to win the title of Miss New Jersey Teen USA and then being cast in a three episode arc as the Mord’Sith “Garen” in Legend of the Seeker before landing the plum position of Mira on ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’. She came on halfway through the season, but the fans response to her character was quite huge so not she’s back badder, better and more visible for the audience.
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The premiere of ‘Spartacus: Vengeance’ hit a ratings high for the Starz show, only solidifying why it’s already been picked up for another season and more story arcs for Spartacus and Mira. Law discusses some basics, but also fills us in on some of the odd requests fans have asked of her.
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Best Movies Ever: Your website is Miss Katrina Law which has a nice diva sound, so do we have to address you as Miss Katrina?

Katrina Law: You only have to call me “Miss Katrina” when you have been bad.

BME: Landing the role of Mira has turned you into a fan favorite. When you first came on the show, were you anticipating the role to grow as big as it has and were the producers assuming you’d be around for the second season?

KL: When I signed on for Spartacus I had a feeling that the show was going to be a success, but I honestly didn’t count on Mira turning out to be such a big part of the show as she will be in Season 2; not to say I didn’t have high hopes. I’m not sure what the writers and producers had in mind for Mira at the get-go, but I thank my lucky stars that she managed to survive the rebellion and that she eventually gets to fight.

katrina law andy whitfield spartacus vengeance images blood sand 2012

BME:  Were you left to your own devices on fleshing out Mira’s backstory?

KL: To this day Mira’s backstory is a mystery to me. Like a dutiful acting student, I created a backstory for every episode. But it always seemed that with the next episode, I would have to toss it all out the window and create a brand new one for her. The only hint that I got from the writers was half way through season 2, when they told me that she was born a slave. Not knowing my backstory did keep the season interesting, though. And it was an interesting challenge trying to justify whatever it was that Mira was going to do next.

BME:  When you were weightlifting in high school did it ever once cross your mind that you’d wind up being surrounded by men in loincloths on a hit show?

KL: Um, no! But life is full of pleasant surprises.

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BME: Speaking of that, many women and men are envious of you getting to be in that sea of loincloth clad sweaty men. Did you learn a few things about men that surprised you like how fussy they can be about their appearance? And did it help you better understand your fiancé?

KL: Being the only female on set for months before any of the other women showed up to the rebel camp, I was surrounded by testosterone and crass (though hilarious) fart jokes on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I also now know all of the male grooming habits and every which way they can possibly go to the bathroom. My sweetest memory of the boys is when one of them started singing “Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing and by the end of the song, oh, yes, they knew every word, they were all singing along.
I think my fiancé was just horrified when I started asking him if all the “manly” bathroom habits were for real.

katrina law with andy whitfield spartacus blood and sand images 2012

BME:  Liam McIntyre has entered “Spartacus: Vengeance’ with a lot of pressure and expectations for him to live up to Andy Whitfield. Did you give him some advice on dealing with such a big role?

KL: I remember telling him to just breathe, have fun, and enjoy the moment cause the ride is going to be crazy. I also encouraged him to never read any message boards or comment sections on any websites EVER. ;)

BME:  What’s the craziest thing a Katrina Law fan has done for you or asked you for? With so much spotlight on you now, how has that affected your personal life?

KL: The fans have been beautiful to me and have really welcomed me with open arms. The nicest gesture was a woman who sent me a blown glass piece with blue swirls that currently hangs in my kitchen window. Another wanted my autograph while I was running on the indoor track at the gym. He ended up running over half a mile with me trying to get a shot of us together as we ran. I really admired him for his dedication and stamina. And then there was, of course, the fan who requested that I ask the producers to allow Lucy Lawless and I to have a scene together on Spartacus where the soles of our feet are touching…and I do not judge, to each their own.
There has been a learning curve in figuring out how to make the personal and public life coexist in harmony. Fortunately for me, my fiancé is in the business as well and is extremely supportive of my career and happiness, so that makes things a lot easier.
But the biggest lesson I had to learn was to not walk out of the house looking like a hobo (which is my normal state of dress) ’cause those are always the days when someone will recognize you, ask for picture, and then post it on the internet.

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BME: Media coverage for the first season of Spartacus seemed to focus on the men. Are you happy now that the women, including yourself, are getting much more recognition?

KL: Extremely happy! I’m also happy in general that the women get to fight this year and not just stand around in the background holding vases (on the rebel side at least). Working with Cynthia Addai Robinson and Ellen Hollman has been an absolute joy and we would joke on set that we were the B.C. Charlie’s Angels. Plus, I think it’s fun for the female viewers, and well, let’s face it, the male viewers as well, to see women fighting on the show and being bad asses.

katrina law images spartacus vengeance 2012

Source: Joe DeAngelis

BME:  What workout/fitness tips could you give to people trying to live up to their 2012 New Years Resolution of getting more fit?

KL: I think the biggest tip for changing the way you look is changing your diet. You can work out all day long and get mediocre results, but as soon as you change your diet, the changes will be dramatic. I know first hand how hard that is so at first, I would start off with little changes like giving up soda or fried food and see how you go from there. I also recommend portion control and increasing the amount of water you drink while also watching the amount of sodium you take in. You’ll be AMAZED when you start reading the sides of cartons and see how much sodium is put into our food nowadays. In many cases simply decreasing that will reduce your bloating (which you may not even realize you’ve got) and you’ll lose around 5-10lbs within a week.
I also think working out in group in group settings is good for motivation, increases focus and is also just a lot more fun.

BME:  After all of the Gladiator training you’ve had for this upcoming season who would win in a fight between Mira and Xena Warrior Princess?

KL: Mira is a scrapper and would give Xena a run for her money but in the end I think Xena’s Chakram would win the fight.


You can catch Mira and all the ‘Spartacus: Vengeance’ action every Friday night on Starz.  Set those DVR’s!

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INTERVIEW: Katrina Law Talks ‘Spartacus Vengeance’, Liam McIntyre & Her Loincloth Posse – Best Movies Ever News


  1. O ador pe Mira e suparba si se potriveste perfect cu Spartacus ar trebuii sa modifice scenariul de la sfarsitul sezonului 2 si sa o bage dinou in film:x fara ea nu prea mai e asa interesant…

  2. Spartacus Vengeance says:

    Mira is amazing in the series. she always get my eye to focus in her even a single moment. Great interview too and I’m glad your site is finally doing them. Even though the site is getting some major studio advertising now, you’ve kept that great indie spirit and your interviews are fucking funny as hell. Love that Mira er…Katrina has got a sweet sense of humor.

  3. mira,mira the most beautiful and sexy

  4. Mira, Mira,Mira, Mira,,the most beautiful and sexy

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