INTERVIEW: Astron-6 Matt Kennedy & Conor Sweeney Talk ‘Father’s Day’ Movie & Father’s Against Father Rape

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Two more members of Astron-6, Matt Kennedy & Conor Sweeney, decided that Adam Brooks didn’t need to get all the ‘Father’s Day‘ attention so they answered our questions about Fathers Against Father Rape in a very funny and bizarre interview.

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Matt Kennedy, Conor Sweeney, Adam Brooks & Some Woman

First off I’m making sure you all know that this interview with Astron-6’s Matt Kennedy & Conor Sweeneyis meant to be funny since many of you took it seriously. I knew most of our readers would get it, but when some meaner comments started hitting (as you’ll see below), I figured I needed to mention that. I know most of the other movie sites do more serious and many times boring as hell interviews, we will always be mixing them up so people can speak more freely and avoid all those ‘canned’ comments.
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I appreciate them taking time our of their obviously busy schedules to make this killer video that makes me want to keep doing interviews on our site. Usually I hate interviews since either the filmmaker can be a total twat or make me want to just jack off with a dull razor blade. Astron-6 are the type of filmmakers we love supporting since they actually love what they do and are really creative, twisted and most important entertaining.
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So now we’ll see if the remaining two members of Astron-6 will also answer some of the questions that Matt Kennedy and Conor Sweeney adroitly avoided. Our first one with Adam Brooks was sweet and with all the e-mails you sent in, I can tell you all liked it too. So let’s see if the remaining Astron-6ers will man up and talk.
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So enjoy the video below where the guys talk Fathers Against Father Rape, stupid questions, daddy’s in heaven and learn how to avoid answer direct questions to discuss penis size!
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Astron-6 Matt Kennedy Conor Sweeney Father’s Day Interview – Best Movies Ever

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INTERVIEW: Astron-6 Matt Kennedy & Conor Sweeney Talk ‘Father’s Day’ & ‘Father’s Against Father Rape’ – Best Movies Ever News


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