INTERVIEW: Ashlynn Yennie Talks ‘The Human Centipede 2′, Tom Six & Horror Fans

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Ashlynn Yennie shot to cult stardom when Tom Six’s ‘The Human Centipede‘ hit, and she moved to the front of the pack in ‘The Human Centipede 2 Full Sequence‘. She talked to us about the film and her growing legion of fans.

ashlynn yennie best movies ever interview human centipede 2
In case you missed the Valentine’s Day release of ‘The Human Centipede 2 Full Sequence‘ on dvd/blu-ray, star Ashlynn Yennie is here to remind you about the film where she got to play an over the top version of herself. No one had heard of the Wyoming born and raised Yennie before 2010, but once ‘The Human Centipede’ hit, she was thrust into the indie horror spotlight. In the first film, she was at the end of the line, but for the sequel Tom Six moved her up all the way front and center.
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If you’ve not seen the film yet, be warned, Six took the complaints about the first film not showing enough, and he does just that. Yennie is impressive in the film as she and the rest of the cast gave it their all walking on all fours with cut up knees and naked for most of the film. After doing it the first time, the second time around was a little easier.
ashlynn yennie plays herself in the human centipede 2 full sequence

BEST MOVIES EVER: Having starred in one of the most controversial films of the decade, you’ve been interviewed a lot.  What is the stupidest question you’ve been asked?

ASHLYNN YENNIE: Oh boy!  I think any question that has to do with any sort of smell coming from the other person is pretty stupid. People dont seem to realize it’s all fake:)

the human centipede 2 full sequence in action

BME: Human Centipede 2 seems like it would be any horror actor’s nightmare.  Did this scenario cross your mind after meeting some of your fans after Human Centipede entered cult status?

AY: Yes, but not to the degree Tom took it to in Part 2. He took it to a whole new level!

ashlynn yennie laurence in the human centipede 2

BME: What has been the creepiest fan request you’ve had?

AY: A few people wanted to meet up for a drink or dinner, which is not that weird, except I have no idea who these people are!

human centipede 2 baby being born scene 2012

BME: Were there any scenes in either of the films that were really hard to get out of your head after filming them?

AY: Nothing that I had to do, but the baby scene in Part 2 upset me so much. I freaked out when I read that in the script.

BME: How did your friends and family react when The Human Centipede came out knowing it was your first feature film?

AY: I have the most amazing girlfriends!  They all came to the premier and we celebrated me being in the most fucked up film ever!

BME: Were they afraid that the controversy might kill your acting career?

AY: No way! Everyone starts somewhere…I just happened to be attached to another person ;) It’s not where you start out, but the journey along the way to what will hopefully be a very long career.

 BME: Did you find it interesting that with the censorship in England, it was okay to have a film where people are sewn up end to end against their will and degraded beyond belief but a little sandpaper and barbed wire is what did the censors in?

AY: I think it was also because you see the ‘actual’ body part being mutilated!!! I remember telling Tom he couldn’t show that in theatres! He was like, “Fuck that!! Let’s do it!”

ashlynn yennie with tom six for the human centipede 2

BME: When you’re working with other horror filmmakers, do you find yourself comparing them to Tox Six and wishing they could be more creative like him?

AY: No, everyone is different and I appreciate passion.

BME: Being in these films that strike such a visceral reaction in people, is it hard to get your agent or manager to submit you for roles that are outside of the horror genre?

AY: It is easy to get pegged as a “Scream Queen,” but I audition for everything.  I recently filmed a comedy web series, as well as a new thriller film starring Callum Blue and Vinny Jones, both out later this year.

As we know, Hollywood loves to pigeonhole everyone.

BME: Your Facebook fanpage also lists you as a director.  Is that where you want your career to head, and did you some directing tips and tricks from Tom Six?

AY: That is a fan page someone made for me and I don’t know why it says director! I am just the talent:)

BME: If you could say anything to all the critics and people who slam ‘The Human Centipede’ even though they’ve actually never watched them, what would it be?

AY: It’s just a movie!! It was made to shock and cause controversy and it did just that.  I call it a success!!

 The Human Centipede 2 Full Sequence Trailer – Best Movies Ever

The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) – Teaser by dreadcentral

INTERVIEW: Ashlynn Yennie Talks ‘The Human Centipede 2′, Tom Six & Horror Fans – Best Movies Ever News


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