Hugh Jackman’s ‘Wolverine’ First Set Images Hit & He’s Bare, Of Course

hugh jackman shirtless on set of wolverine movie 2012

Hugh Jackman proved the naysayers wrong when shooting on ‘Wolverine‘ began in Australia with the video proof below, and here’s plenty of first images from the set. Naturally Jackman knows it wouldn’t be the same without him running around shirtless so there in there too!

Hugh Jackman’s The Wolverine movie has had more stops and starts than Kim Kardashian’s love life, but it’s finally on track for Summer 2012 with James Mangold directing. Australia is filling in for Japan right now, and the snowy images are lots of the fake stuff in Picton, serving as the Canadian Rockies.
hugh jackman on the wolverine movie set images
It’s looking very World War II Japanese prison camp, and it’s rumored that the film will follow Frank Miller’s early storyline which puts the eventual X-Man in the frozen north tracking a man-eating Grizzly Bear. If this is the case, Wolverine discovers that the mad Grizzly had been poisoned by a local hunter. Using his heightened tracking skills, Logan traces the hunter back to a local bar where he does what he does so well.
hugh jackman warming up on wolverine movie set images 2012
japanese prison camp for the wolverine movie set images
shirtless male prisoners with hugh jackman on wolverine movie set 2012
the wolverine set includes lots of shirtless men bare backed with hugh jackman
hugh jackman shirtless with director on the wolverine movie set
wide shot of the wolverine movie prison scene with bare back men flailing
prison scene bare shirtless back men with hugh jackman in wolverine movie
hugh jackman sweaty bare back running in the wolverine movie images
the wolverine movie set prison in australia 2012
the wolverine movie set images prison shots 2012
hugh jackman on set of the wolverine movie chatting
hugh jackman long shot bare backed sweaty in the wolverine raw scenes
hugh jackman running bare in the wolverine movie set images

Hugh Jackman Arrives To Wolverine Set In Australia – Best Movies Ever

Hugh Jackman’s ‘Wolverine’ First Set Images Hit & He’s Bare Of Course – Best Movies Ever News


  1. The Continuity can be fixed with the new X-man days of future past.  They got xaviers story wrong.  In first class it would have been wolverine with bone claws, than Origins Wolverine, except Charles was older and still walked.  New Wolverine will probably not mention when it takes place so it could be before or after X-men 3.

  2. i hate that people still go out and see these movies… i am hoping it will bomb and the rights will (eventually) go back to marvel so they can fit the x men into their cinematic universe and get it done right!

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