‘Glee’s’ Kurt & Blaine Survive Break-Up Episode Plus New Images

glee season 4 kurt and blaine survive break up episode

Ryan Murphy loves his drama and he’s having a well publicized ‘Break-Up‘ episode in the fourth week of the show for Santana/Brittany, Kurt/Blaine, Will/Emma, Rachel/Finn duos, but rest assured Kurt and Blaine will be safe. Blake Jenner’s new role will be the following week and he gets to help pick up some broken heart pieces.

blaine and kurt chris colfer fight on break up glee episode images
There are some spoilers below, so if you don’t want to know what’s coming down the pike, stop and read no further or just skim down to see all the pretty New York City Glee shots. The biggest Glee news has been the Break-Up episode that hits in week 4 that will shake up some of the relationships on the show. The above and below pics hit showing a sad crying Kurt (Chris Colfer) while boyfriend Blaine (Darren Criss) looks like he’s already wanting to make a break for the Central Park Rambles. While many fans have been gushy over their relationship, I’ve never quite bought the two as a pair, and I’ve had plenty of experience matching up my friends. But Ryan Murphy intends to keep them together so they are safe from that drama.
darren criss blaine and chris colfer kurt stroll for glee's break up images
chris colfer kurt cries after seeing blaine darren criss in glee rambles cruising
There will be at least two couples splitting up. Again, if you don’t want to know, stop reading this. Chord Overstreet is back on the show as a regular but Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley) and his Sam Evans will be taking a break. The first part of the season will be a little Mercedes light, but the two may get to have a reunited moment later on.

Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera)will be cheering at the University Of Louisville at the beginning of the season, but from what I’m hearing, expect her to head on to the Big Apple with Rachel. It would be a great twist to have the two rooming together since New York City is expensive for struggling anythings. This is where we learned that Santana and Brittany will be splitting up, but newcomer Blake Jenner will be coming along for Episode 5 to help Brittany mend her heart.

The back and forth between Ohio and New York City will be interesting, but we know that we’ll be seeing a lot of Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith. Finn’s back and will be ready to make amends for leaving Rachel the way he did. Here’s some more images from the season shooting in New York, and there’s plenty more in the gallery below.  A lot of Lea Michele’s Rachel doing her thing so graduation didn’t leave her storylines lacking for Glee.

rachel and brody glee day in new york

kurt and rachel glee time in new york lea michelle with chris colfer

rachel and brody do their music number for glee on streets of new york

rachel and finn talk during break-up glee episode lea michelle

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So that’s some more Glee news, but it’s coming fast as the new season hits on September 13, 2012. Fingers crossed, this season has some strong storylines that hold well. Lastly, if you’re not aware, that song that’s been drilled into our heads all summer long, Call Me Maybe will be in the first episode. Even the 2012 US Olympics team did their own version.

glee's kurt and blaine survive break up glee episode as robin outfit

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  1. It will break my heart if klaine break up. This might sound stupid but they give me hope that I will find someone that loves me one day. Kurt is a lot like me. I’m 20 and have never had a boyfriend or been kissed. It sucks. Klaine forever!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would like a temporary break for Klaine but I think they are always destined to be together. Personally every time I watch an episode and their scenes I can see the Chemistry and when they said ‘I love you’ in the last episode of season 2 and there scenes in first time a the end when Kurt says ‘you take my breath away’ I just melt. They have so much depth but I can understand the idea that Blaine will let Kurt go to live his dreams but I recon they’re a ‘forever couple’ and will be back together when the season finishes (I hope anyway).

    I would love to see Britana stick together but recon it will be hard for them to remain faithful even though they both love each other but the distance I think Brit wil find hard to work with, as will Santana but with all the trouble and the on/off thing i really hope they make it. I think Rachel and Finn should finish once and for all and the new love interest will be good for Rachel and Finn needs a new love interest. With regards to Will/Emma I hope they stay together. With the new couple I recon it wll be another Finn/Rachel thing so they will break up.

    But like I said who knows which couple will break up. Would be interesting if all the couples broke up, at beginning of the episode and you sees who can find there way back to each other. All this is speculation and nothing is certain yet.

  3. i really want to believe this but come this episode and klaine does split up my heart will split in two. first i hear good news that bad news the good news then bad news. where did you get this news. right after i read this i was on wetpaint glee and read about all the doubts that blaine will start having cause of kurt’s move to NY. did thee words come out of ryan mouth. or brad or ian’s.

  4. Um,not here for no Rachel/Finchel show cause that’s what’s going to happen. So,when I get my Amber Riley [Mercedes] that’s when I’ll watch & I’m Samcedes 100% but,I guess I’ll believe it when I see it. Yah,okay ”The Big Three Glee Hitters”. And,the main problem with the show all those talented actors/singers and ”RIB” choses to showcase a select group of characters what! It’s called glee club for a reason meaning every character on the show deserves equal stroylines/songs.

  5. Hi Mia,

    I actually don’t base my articles on other articles. I’ve got more than enough sources to run a story when I feel they have merit. This is a news site and I actually do take my fact finding abilities rather seriously.

    I might add my opinion when I choose, but the facts are the facts and I don’t change them to suit my own needs. I’ll leave that to others.

  6. She is basing her info on an article that a 19 year old boy, who has a crush on heather, should prove to you right there that she has no clue what she is talking about. Plus Blake corrected himself later by saying he has no clue who he is dating, has had no contact with RM after the win about his sl, he was surprised to find out via twitter that he is getting a li, and for all we know it could be a boy. Ryan said it’d be a surprise. That would be a surprise a hs football star to date a guy, not a girl especially since he is going to be a Finn 2.0.
    Also just cause RM likes them doesn’t save them from breaking up. He loves Brittany and the writers still muted her. Also I think the actors want to explore story lines outside of the Klaine relationship and have hinted to their fans that there is going to be a break up. People should appreciate that they did for them as a couple but it’s going in circles and the writers are out of ideas. I think thats what Brad meant when he said they find some character’s more interesting outside rs. They don’t even look comfortable it seems forced and they look bored. Even Chris’s tweet i think it’s going to be ok Darren and I still have songs we want to sing together makes it seem like he wants a break up to happen. Plus the Brittana rs could be way more interesting and funny in a ldr. Britt and skype. Santana telling people before she goes off to New York to protect Britt cause when she comes back to visit and another bad thing happens to her Britts she’ll go all Lima heights. Also they have amazing chemistry and Brad even said they are better together. Ian also said there rs was going to be awesome and since there is going to be very little Santana until the 4 episode makes it seem like they are not going to break up. Also those kisses that RM promised us is either going to happen in 4 they fight and makeup or in 5 or 6 before she heads off to New York. My guess is four cause I think Finchel will be reunited and kiss a lot and so will they.

  7. I love Klaine but I was kinda hoping for a break-up this time. A break-up would do them some good and add character development. I actually think they should leave Finchel alone in that regard….just let them be together and focus their stories elsewhere. Guess we will have to wait and see.

  8. …seeing lots of Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer and Lea Michele. That’s all I need to hear to keep me watching next season. The big three Glee hitters. Cool.


    I knew Klaine would be okay! So happy! <3

  10. I adore Klaine so much! I expect if they break up they will get back together. But I’m a Klainer so I would think that. I like Britanna but I don’t see them lasting after high school or collage. But I think because of the stuff the writer have been getting I doubt they will break them up. If I’m honest I think Wemma will break up. I remember Ryan Murphy last year, when asked, said that Will and Emma won’t be having a wedding. I don’t know how true it is but I reckon they will break up. I think Rachel will end up with the new guy and not Finn for a bit but the writers seem to love them so I suspect they’ll be endgame…

  11. I honestly never really liked Klaine,
    I always felt like there was no chemistry.
    I am honestly for SeBlaine, since i think that relationship could go way deeper, Sebastian could help to break Blaine free from the ‘child-ish’ stuff he sometimes does and I personally think that Blaine could make the better side off Sebastian come out, so I hope that Klaine will break up. Because I would prefer SeBlaine, I love Kurt and want him happy but just dno’t like Klaine and mostly not Klaine fans, they can be a little too much for me sometimes which somtimes gives their fandom a bad name.

  12. I’ve never bought Klaine as a couple either.
    Kurt seems so awkward and uneasy with Blaine.

  13. Ok just because you think Ryan intends to keep them together doesn’t mean they won’t break up and then get back together later on. And Santana breaking up with Britt cause she isheading to new York will never happen santana would fight for Britt and Britt loves Santana more then anyone else. Plus the writers have been receiving a lot of heat from both the press and fans over the treatment of Brittana last year. Ian adressed that so I think they are going to make it up to the fandom and breaking them up and then immediately after pairing her with a guy is a dumb move. It’s basically staring they never cared about Brittana. Plus he said a lot of Brittana and we were going to be quiet pleased and I’m sure by then he knew what couple was breaking up and who tgp winner was going to be with why would he lie? This also appears to be the 1 episode where we see a lot of Santana so they would have no buildup to them breaking up and if they do that in one episode thats just lazy writing. Its going to be more about her struggles then the actual rs. Meanwhile klaine is going to have plenty of build up for a break up in the 1 3 episodes. Also tgp needs to be paired off with someone else. Ryan said he wanted something different and if he is a Finn2.0 then making him gay would do just that. A temp love intrest for a broken hearted Blaine

  14. So the only sl to set up Santana going to NY is a break up is total bull and lazy writing. They could support each others dreams. She could just figure out college/cheerleading isn’t for her and since her other option was NY and trying to be famous thats why she chooses it. They don’t have to break up just cause she is going to be farther away. Plus Blake even said he has no clue who he is dating. I don’t think the writers or RM os dumb enough to piss off the Brittana fans. Yes, placing the bi girl with a man (that includes bartie) would not go over so well with the fandom plus the tgp winner was with Britt last year I think its gonna be someone else this time and I think it is going to be Blaine hence RM saying it’s going to be a surprise. I just don’t seeing how this is Brittana’s first big fight as an official couple and them not making it workout. It wouldn’t be fair to have every other couple get through one fight and Brittana having one and done and Ian said their rs was gonna be awesome and there was going to be a lot of moments for them. I am persuaded Klaine is going to break up I think the public scene was to set up the real break up later on and to soften the blow. I said this once before but kurt and blaine need individual sl. As a Klainer I for one am excited for a breakup to be honest I think them apart will strengthen their rs. We wanted the Finchel treatment and now we are going to get it its gonna suck but we can power through it. I think the break up is gonna be the same as Rachel and FInn kurt finally understanding that blaine is letting him go to accomplish his dreams. The writers pretty much hinted at it since cc and it hurts me to say this but I think they knew the story lines for the season by then. super committed at the start, happy endings doesn’t mean happy middle, why don’t we watch the episode first, let the sl play out. the writers have been hinting at a klaine break up for quiet some time now. Endgame doesn’t mean they can’t break up for some time you know and yes I like the Klaine realtionship.

  15. Lol I’m pretty sure I know more about glee than you do.
    We already know some of what you wrote is false and other things have been known for a while in the fandom.
    And it’s Brittany, not Britney.
    Also, Brittany and Santana are perfect and should stay together forever.

  16. Stefhanie i was a doubter about this site too until many of their stories kept turning out right. you can’t believer every site but when they get it right more than wrong I put some faith in it. plus they get some pretty good interviews with bigger shows so I don’t discount them as a news site.

    I know there’s so many of these sites out there, but after a while you just see which ones pan out and keep going. so many of them die off quick but I like this one and Jezebel (they’re so funny!).

  17. To further prove my Klaine love…they live in NY where Blaine goes to NYU and live in a tiny apt and Blaine rescues a kitten from the rain and they eventually have a daughter ned Elizabeth. Yep, read all the fics. I also like Britana but think its possible that this storyline gets Santana to NY, again I just don’t trust this as a definite source.

  18. Hey all. I’m a HUGE Klaine fan. Remember a week ago we all thought they were going on a date in NY and then….gulp. I would LOVE this to be true but I read through a few of her past posts. like her bio says she writes it as she sees it. Doesn’t mean it’s true its just how she sees it and on this case sea like major speculation because Klaone is so popular (and rightly so in my opinion). otherwise the stuff about Britney could be true but she probably just got that from the Blake interview where they asked him about that storyline and Chord already prettying said he and Sugar will be dating. So w/her past history and the other stuff out there just warning people to hope for the best but still prepare for the worst

  19. Hey missy :D How many times have they been right before anyone Else? <3

  20. It sounds liek angie doesn’t want Blaine and Kurt to be together and hates hearing this. that’s just odd. it’s a tv show folks that’s all.

    funny how when people hear what they don’t like, they try to slam a news site. this is the site that reported X Factor news months before it proved to be accurate too.

    I’m sure you won’t say you were wrong when the two are still together. frankly I’m glad they’re staying together and everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

  21. Umm Angie, I’m a little confused. you say that she doesn’t like blaine & kurt being together so why is she reporting that they will be staying together then???

    that’s a bit confusing.

  22. Do NOT believe this crap. They are the same people who claimed Grant was being made a series regular over Chord last year. She personally doesnt care for Kurt & Blaine together so just “reports” whatever she wants to stir things up.

  23. you must be new to the site Alex since you would know they’ve been on with they’re Glee stuff before along with X-Factor.

  24. I love Klaine but I don’t believe this for a second. Can you just post completely 100% false stuff like this? Huh.

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