‘Glee’ Break Up Promises Klaine & Finchel Tears Plus Full Performance Clip

glee break up episode klaine finchel images

It feels like we’ve been hearing about Ryan Murphy’s Glee Break-Up episode for so long now, but it’s finally coming this week. After getting an early look at it, I can assure you, there will be tears from anyone watching, and our suspicions were confirmed. Check out the new Klaine & Finchel images and clips below.

glee break up klaine darren criss with kurt chris colfer and rachel images
Glee has never gotten me teared up until this season, and Ryan Murphy’s Break-Up episode will easily get every fan weeping easily. This one hits so on the mark for anyone who’s been in a relationship that goes through growing pains or just realizes that it’s over. Many of us will keep pushing forward in a relationship even though we know it’s over, but something just makes us pretend away and this episode touches on those things along with realizing how deep love can go.

I dare any cynics of the show to be able to sit through this episode without being touched in some way. As we all know Finchel will be over after Executive Producer Brad Falchuk confirmed it, but naturally after Darren Criss made an aside comment about Klaine, everyone’s jumped all over that. I’m not going to go into detail since I hate those kind of spoilers as you all haven’t seen it yet, but Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine’s (Darren Criss) storyline follows a normal relationship where two people are striving to keep their own individuality in the relationship. How many of us have been in that relationship where you both lose yourselves? This covers that so well and how to keep a relationship healthy while going after your own dreams.
glee break up finchel corey monteith with kurt chris colfer images
klaine darren criss sings teenage dream for glee images
brody dean geyer with chris colfer kurt for glee teenage dream klaine song
darren criss cries singing teenage dream for klaine glee break up
finchel corey monteith looking sad with rachel on glee break up images
darren criss blaine after glee break up images with kurt
glee break up klaine finchel troubles in images
klaine kiss break up glee episode images darren criss
The official synopsis for the Break-Up episode: Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) are caught off-guard when they get unexpected visits in New York City. Meanwhile, Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris) deal with the long distance between them, and Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays) disagree on a new job offer in the all-new “The Break Up” episode.

Santana will be popping in to McKindley to sing Taylor Swift’s Mine song to Brittany, but the frustrating part of all this is that Glee will be on hiatus until November 8, 2012 when Blake Jenner’s Ryder comes onboard. If you look closely in the clip below, you’ll see Dean Geyer’s Brody is right in the background watching things unfold.
darren criss talks klaine break up on glee with finchel

Glee Break Up Episode Extended Clip – Best Movies Ever

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Glee The Way You Look Tonight Full Clip – Best Movies Ever

‘Glee’ Break Up Promises Klaine & Finchel Tears Plus Full Performance Clip – Best Movies Ever News


  1. What about Brittana?

  2. ObsessedGleek08 says:

    @ttpradhan @klaineisforever yeah! Best ever!

  3. JessieJ73434 says:

     @shanka Great, thanks! I was very worried how they would handle it since the Rachel we saw in the last episode seemed… not Rachel like at all. Not like the Rachel we feel in love with. I just have hated when they fight, break up and have no real conversation before someone storms away. Finchel is Glee for me so if there is no hope for a reconciliation… I’m tuning out. I know that is bad to say, but I haven’t been a fan of this season at all so knocking out the one thing I care about means I’m tuning into Grey’s Anatomy instead (where I know I’ll cry! What happened to Glee being a comedy?!)

  4.  @JessieJ73434 rather than give anything away since I hate when anyone else does it after watching something first, it’s handled very well and the writers really kicked ass with it. for most of us who’ve had more than one relationship issue, it’ll hit home!

  5. JessieJ73434 says:

    Hi! Thanks for the review. As a Finchel fan, we’ve known this is coming since before the season even started! Doesn’t make it much easier to read after all they have been though (and the finale scene! Why do we have to go through this again LOL!) But I can imagine what Klaine fans are going through. I bet it feels to them what season 2’s mid season episode did to us ;-) My question: Does the Finchel break up leave it open for later in the season for a reconciliation or does it make it seem like they are done done for good? 

  6. @KLAINEISFOREVER @ObsessedGleek08 they should and also kiss and make up! :D



  8. ObsessedGleek08 says:

    @KLAINEISFOREVER @ttpradhan so klaine fans will expect that they’ll break up but in reality they wont? Lol

  9. ObsessedGleek08 says:

    @ttpradhan @klaineisforever hoping for the same thing too!

  10. ObsessedGleek08 says:

    @KLAINEISFOREVER @ttpradhan i hope it’s worse. So we know what to expect

  11. @KLAINEISFOREVER @ObsessedGleek08 I have a feeling there ll be issues which ll be resolved! Hopefully!


    @ttpradhan @ObsessedGleek08 to get people to read it how many articles in season claim Klaine wasn’t going to make it though everything

  13. @KLAINEISFOREVER @ObsessedGleek08 but then why write it in the first place…having an emotional meltdown!


    @ObsessedGleek08 @ttpradhan you know this articles like to make everything sound worse than they actually there wil be tears

  15. ObsessedGleek08 says:

    @ttpradhan what should we do? I’m quite sure before that klaine will not break up but now, im a bit convinced that they might brk up :(

  16. @ObsessedGleek08 @klaineisforever my feelsss :(

  17. ObsessedGleek08 says:

    @ttpradhan @klaineisforever i cant think of anything that can cure the feelings i’m having right now

  18. @ObsessedGleek08 @klaineisforever :( just few days now! The band aid ll be ripped off!!!

  19. ObsessedGleek08 says:

    @ttpradhan @klaineisforever i cant be that positive. Cz i dont want to feel so hurt after if it didnt go the wag i espect it to b

  20. @ObsessedGleek08 @klaineisforever except the worse hope for the best I guess sweetie!

  21. ObsessedGleek08 says:

    @ttpradhan @klaineisforever i m worried. Should i accept the fact that they’re breaking up? Like, expect the worst?

  22. @ObsessedGleek08 @KLAINEISFOREVER sounds intense I hope we can survive it!

  23. ObsessedGleek08 says:

    @ttpradhan @klaineisforever i’m intrigued with that individuality something in their relationship. Waaah!

  24. @ObsessedGleek08 @klaineisforever what the hell….its very painful! I can’t deal with it anymore!

  25. ObsessedGleek08 says:

    @ttpradhan @klaineisforever right?? What does that mean? I dont know if the writer’s implying that they broke up or what :(

  26. @ObsessedGleek08 @KLAINEISFOREVER I am crying already! It sounds serious…Kill me!

  27.  @klaineheart there was nothing cryptic. it’s just Glee is treating their relationship like a real one going through growing pains. that’s it. you can break up with someone take time apart and still be safe coming back together later. it’s like the real world where things aren’t always so cut and dry. Ryan Murphy is treating this season more like a real world experience so I guess for some fans that’s hard to understand.

  28. Im confused, in ur article about klaine surviving the breakup ep u were so out spoken about klaine being safe but now in this article you are being cryptic about klaine. Not saying the words klaine will be safe like u said before and now saying u wont go into detail about the episode and hate thoes kinds of spoilers. Telling us that klaine survives is a huge spoiler. Did something happen with ur sources about this episode. So does klaine still survive or come Thursday we will see klaine split.

  29. lñlñlñ

  30. @golidegirl you might find your wish coming true later in the season. I know what you mean by the newcomers. not near as interesting since there’s so much history with the others. Santana will be heading to NY though. Blaine & Kurt have great changes & growth coming up for them…

  31. Thanks. I was asking only because you seemed pretty definite before. I don’t mind a breakup with a reconciliation not too horribly down the road. Frankly this season feels like 3 casts: NY, old ND kids and new ND kids (who are all boring to me) I just wish they’d move Blaine and Santana to NY, make that the focus, and have Mckinley a smaller part (but I’m sure thats just me)

  32. George C. here is like that too. I like the surprise element so sometimes covering tv news sucks since I find out ahead of time what’s happening. I think Klaine fans will definitely understand what happens in this episode. Very touching and Ryan Murphy made me a fan of his again!

  33. Hi, am the opposite, I have to know otherwise I can’t watch it, especially concerning Klaine. lol but to me it sounds very promising!! 

  34. couldn’t agree more. I loved it and this season made me like Glee again…

  35. Hi goldiegirl. Watch it, and you’ll see what happens. I hate to find out what happens from someone who’s watched it. It’s such a great episode so you’ll love it!

  36. A while back you said you had 5 sources that confirmed that Brittana doesn’t survive the breakup but Klaine does, is that still tru?

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