‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Settles On Cast & Teasers

fifty shades of grey cast announced for 2013


E.L. James mega hot Fifty Shades Of Grey has gotten Hollywood heated up, and now they’ve finally gotten their casting choices together for announcement.

The 50 Shades of Grey movie Christian Grey casting rumors have included everyone from Ian Somerhalder, Henry Cavill, James Deen, to Ryan Gosling as being considered for the role. Author E. L. James recently tweeted that all the casting rumors are not true, so our friends at Hollywood Leek found that the studio was going for a more real person approach with this film. Naturally, everyone in Hollywood was shocked at this take, but Hollywood Leek has an exclusive first look at the official cast list from IMDB!

cast list for fifty shades of grey on imdb

hollywood leek best movies ever logoEditor’s Note: Now if anyone is taking this story seriously, it’s in our Satire section for a reason.  We’ve teamed up with HollywoodLeek.com to bring your some of the funniest satire stories that should definitely get your smiling.  So whenever you see the above logo in images or anywhere in an article, you’ll know to expect something over the top and satirical from the brilliant minds over at The Hollywood Leek.

The videos are from Sunshine Doll 27 Productions and are pretty sweet. Check out her site for other video variations as she’s quite the Fifty Shades Of Grey fan.

henry cavill cast in fifty shades of grey movie images

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  1. I think the roll of C.Grey should be played by Matt Bomer and A.Steele by Alexis Bledel. Matt has that serious look to him but sexy as well and can play the playful Christian as well. Alexis has the perfect look of pale, dark hair, sexy but at the same time so timid, she can also play the clutsy Anna and the in charge Anna. They both have the body types described and would have great on screen chemistry.

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