Mariah Carey Replaces Jennifer Lopez Securing Randy Jackson On American Idol

mariah carey and randy jackson on american idol

Randy Jackson is now safe on American Idol as his client Mariah Carey replaces diva Jennifer Lopez as judge, but Executive Producer, Nigel Lythgoe, is still trying to get his contract renewed on the slowly leaking ratings music show.

mariah carey jumps on american idol with randy jackson
Our sources over at FOX along with Nigel Lythgoe insinuated Jennifer Lopez being “99 percent sure she was finished with American Idol” was just a ploy to get more money for next season, but Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly had this to say about the diva. “I think i can confirm that it’s 100 percent that Jennifer will not be back with the show.”

Sources weren’t so shocked that Lopez was ready to jump ship after American Idol resuscitated her career which had taken a very hard nosedive. “This is typical Lopez,” our source said. “When she’s down and out, she’ll do glom on to whatever can bring her back…and when she’s back, she’s on to the next thing until her career takes another nosedive. And trust me, after seeing her antics on this show, it will take another nosedive.”

Randy Jackson tried to be coy on The View last week when asked if he was returning to American Idol, but as anyone with half a brain knows, that guy will go down with the sinking ship as long as they can. Our source had this to say about Jackson. “Randy was flailing since he knew a contract renewal for him wasn’t a sure thing unless he brought on someone like Mariah. He wouldn’t let her go over to X-Factor since she was a great bargaining chip for him.”

The only person left trying to come back is Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe who’s been working on renewing for quite some time now. FOX made him reformat his other show So You Think You Can Dance, but we’re hearing that unless he can do something to stave off the ratings fall, he might now get renewed. This was bound to happen when so many music based reality shows invaded the networks. Idol is still secure as the Number one show in that format, but Adam Levine’s The Voice is building as it’s a much much better show. It’ll be interesting to see which of these shows bites the bullet first. Most industry insiders are betting on Simon Cowell’s ‘X-Factor USA‘ to take it first.
mariah carey replaces jennifer lopez on american idol

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Mariah Carey Replaces Jennifer Lopez Securing Randy Jackson On American Idol – Best Movies Ever News


  1. The Voice is not my favorite show to watch at all. I love American Idol.

  2. I am sorry but The Voice is terrible

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