Dwayne Rock Johnson & John Cena WWE Rumble For Christmas Holiday

dwayne rock johnson rumbles christmas gifts with john cena

WWE Rumblers Wrestling Action Figures Review

Even Dwayne Rock Johnson likes to see himself all plasticized fighting WWE John Cena, and here’s a fun Christmas Holiday gift idea for everyone. I know they say this is for the kids, but they never specify little or big kids. With Fast Six coming up, get ready to make the Rock get driven hard as these Action Figures like their action that way. Plus they take a lot, and are pretty indestructible which is great for those of us who like to recreate wrestling matches with them!

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dwayne johnson world wrestling entertainment wee action figures

Who Would Buy This:

The WWE Rumblers Wrestling Action Figures range is great as a gift for your son or daughter or even if you’re a WWE fan yourself. This is a must have for WWE fans in general, but obviously perfect for kids.

wwe dwayne the rock johnson action figure christmas holiday gifts

Things we like about WWE Rumblers Wrestling Action Figures

Knowing exactly what you’re buying is essential and so carrying out the relevant research is extremely important. Luckily for you, I’ve done this for you and so please keep reading to see why I believe the WWE Rumblers Wrestling Action Figures are awesome toys:

WWE Rumblers Wrestling Action Figures – Looks Authentic

So I picked up a pack of WWE Rumblers Wrestling Action Figures for my son just recently and the first thing he commented on was how they looked exactly like the real wrestlers in the WWE. I’m pretty sure he’s got The Rock and John Cena (my wife would actually know more than me no doubt!) and he definitely couldn’t be happier.
john cena bulges for dwayne rock johnson wwe action figure christmas giftsThe mistake I’ve made is now that he’s got one pack of 2 WWE Rumblers Wrestling Action Figures, he now wants the whole collection – what have I let myself in for? I’m not bothered really, since they’re great value for money and the whole set can interact together. I didn’t even realise that the figures have a grip and moving limbs for an awesomely interactive session of fun – I’ve been playing with my son recently and I must say that the WWE Rumblers Wrestling Action Figures are awesome!

Things we did not like about WWE Rumblers Wrestling Action Figures

I prefer to include all negative aspects in any review I do, to ensure you’re supplied with all relevant information as needed. In this instance, I really struggled to find anything bad to say about these cool toys, apart from just the one thing:

Bigger Packs Please

I would have preferred to have maybe 3 figurines in each pack rather than 2, but who am I kidding? It’s not like the WWE Rumblers Wrestling Action Figures are for me – my son is super happy with them and that’s all that counts.

dwayne rock johnson and john cena shirtless wwe action rumbler figuresGuarantee:

Be on the lookout for any standard warranties that are available. Miss Sashay and I played with these guys pretty intensely, and they survived us so they should hold up to most kids most intense play. These guys are as durable as action figures as they are in the ring and on the big screen!

Are The WWE Rumblers Wrestling Action Figures Worth The Money?

I know I said I would have preferred 3 in a pack, but the main thing is that my son is happy and I must be honest, the price for the WWE Rumblers Wrestling Action Figures is very reasonable and definitely worth the money.
dwayne rock johnson rumbling wrestling with wwe john cena holiday gifts

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