NTN: Disney Channel Buys Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Sex Tape

disney buys justin bieber selena gomez sex tape to air

The Disney Channel just bought an unauthorized Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez sex tape today for $1.3 million from an undisclosed source.

The racy tape supposedly shows Selena brushing and french braiding Justin’s hair, butterfly kissing his cheeks, while Bieber kisses Selena on the cheek “from behind.” In the incredibly graphic final five minutes the couple shares a Frappuccino, even drinking at times from the same straw.

Apparently the sex tape was filmed on Bieber’s iPhone, which he left in the bathroom of a Hollywood Starbucks much to the delight of a West Hollywood fan.

I’m so embarrassed!” Selena told paparazzi leaving a brunch with friends at Jones on 3rd. “It was never meant to be seen by anyone but us.”

Despite criticism Disney stands by their decision to release the tape, claiming it will only strengthen the “Jelena” brand in the long run. “You saw how we taught Miley Cyrus how to work a stripper pole, just wait till you see what we’ve taught Bieber and Gomez!” Disney also followed with “This will also help us to recoup those massive losses we took gambling on Taylor Kitsch and John Carter! He wouldn’t learn how to work a stripper pole and now you see how his career is going.

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Editor’s Note: Now if anyone is taking this story seriously, it’s in our Satire section for a reason.  We’ve teamed up with HollywoodLeek.com to bring your some of the funniest satire stories that should definitely get your smiling.  So whenever you see a ‘NTN’ in front of a story title, you’ll know to expect something over the top and satirical from the brilliant minds over at The Hollywood Leek.

justin bieber and selena gomez hear disney will air their sex tape now 2012

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  1. MollyBieber says:

    If i had a gun with one bullet and i had to pick out of Selena, A massive spider and One Direction i would shoot Selena right between her eyes then deck One Direction js and if i was jealous tgst would emply i wanted something of hers yeah she is pretty but she is a conplete twat.

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