Grindr Has The 2012 GOP National Convention Closet Cases Covered

republicans closeted can find hairy beefy men during convention with grindr app

Grindr should appreciate this idea for an app that helps those closeted Republications find their GOP counterparts during the 2012 National GOP Convention in Miami. Don’t be surprised if this inspires them to pull together their Grindm In the Closet app just in time.

closeted republicans line up for new grindr app for gop convention
Funny Or Die came up with another clever video to show how useful Grindr can be to meet other closeted Republicans while working the 2012 National GOP Convention in Miami, Florida. Grindm would have been more appropriate for this app that many people use to ‘meet’ new friends in the area. You never know when that overwhelming need to make a new ‘friend’ could arise after watching all the scantily clad bodies on the Miami Beach scene.

Joshua Malina (Sports Night, West Wing) brings his A-game to this video that most of you should appreciate…and some will be squirming either wishing this was a real app or knowing that it hits the nail on the head pretty well. “Imagine being enveloped by Mike Huckabee’s speech on family values, and then glancing at your phone and seeing up to 300 high-quality [GOP closet cases] without any interruption.”
Grinr has the gop national convention closet cases covered

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