CW Replaces ‘LA Complex’ With ‘Young People Doing Stuff’

young hot gay jock people doing stuff on cw images

Fall is upon us, which means it’s time to get excited about CW’s new line up of sexy young-adult fare! There will be vampiresdoctors, and a dude who looks like Robin Hood. But the most highly anticipated show of the season is undoubtedly Young People Doing Stuff. We know the quality content that network looks for, and now they’ve replaced the low rated L.A. Complex with a show that ‘fits in more with their audiences taste and mindset’.

“We know our audiences aren’t thinkers like FOX viewers, so we’ve taken off all the thinking shows like LA Complex and replaced them with exactly the mindset our viewers expect from us,” the President of the network stated proudly.

Hollywood Leek has your exclusive first look at the trailer below plus some new images the CW ‘leaked’ to us!

young people doing stuff gay cw show images

meet the gay broken bottom jock on young people doing stuff

young blonde confused boy touching young people doing things images

gay broken jock scores for young people doing stuff bottoms

confused shirtless blonde young people doing things

hollywood leek best movies ever logoEditor’s Note: Now if anyone is taking this story seriously, it’s in our Satire section for a reason.  We’ve teamed up with HollywoodLeek.com to bring your some of the funniest satire stories that should definitely get your smiling.  So whenever you see the above logo in images or anywhere in an article, you’ll know to expect something over the top and satirical from the brilliant minds over at The Hollywood Leek.

young people doing stuff cast replaces the la complex

Young People Doing Stuff Trailer – Best Movies Ever

CW Replaces ‘L.A. Complex’ With ‘Young People Doing Stuff’ – Best Movies Ever News

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  1. this is bullshit! i love l.a. complex- im boycotting cw from now on!

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