‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 Return Breaks Record

breaking bad season 5 with aaron paul and bryan cranston

Not surprising AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’s final season returned with record numbers last night, and that even after it was yanked off the DISH network.

bryan cranston stars in breaking bad season 5
DISH Network might be a nasty dispute with AMC, making the program unavailable to their subscribers, but that didn’t stop Breaking Bad from still beating its own ratings. The show was 14 percent higher than it’s debut last season and made for it’s best ratings in it’s five season. Breaking Bad has steadily grown into a cult favorite on AMC, and it’s final season will be split into two eight episode runs. It’s similar to how TNT has been able to stretch out the final season of its hit show ‘The Closer‘ with Kyra Sedgewick.

From day one, Breaking Bad has been a passion project for all of us at AMC,” said network president Charlie Collier. “This show has helped define what our brand stands for in terms of supporting quality storytelling and creative risk-taking. Working with these terrifically creative people on such outstanding material has been a joy-filled ride. I’m so pleased to share this success with the entire Breaking Bad team.”

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