‘Breaking Bad’ Meets ‘Brokeback Mountain’

breaking bad aaron paul bryan cranston on brokeback couch

Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Jesse Pinkman do spend a lot of time together which happen in their industry, but one fan found more than one similarity to Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger’s relationship in Brokeback Mountain. Even Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul loved this one which you can check out below.

aaron paul and bryan cranston in breaking bad yellow suits
Like with any video, editing with just the right amount of music and cuts, it can be completely turned around, and a big Breaking Bad fan did just that with his buddy Jason Mittleman in what is a very inspired funny clip of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul doing what they do best. This one’s entitled Breakbad Mountain, and it should definitely have the tagline ‘Making meth requires a certain kind of chemistry’.

As you’ll see, so many of the clips will remind you of the most dramatic scenes from Brokeback Mountain, and these guys were rather brilliant in noticing this and really bringing it to light in this. I love it, and anyone who already loves this duo, will love them even more after watching this. Enjoy!
aaron paul and bryan cranston work out breaking bad brokeback mountain images

Breaking Bad Meets Brokeback Mountain – Best Movies Ever

‘Breaking Bad’ Meets ‘Brokeback Mountain’ – Best Movies Ever News


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