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VIDEO: FAST & FURIOUS 7 Paul Walker Funeral Clip Leaked

VIDEO: FAST & FURIOUS 7 Paul Walker Funeral Clip Leaked

In a haunting twist, footage was leaked showing Paul Walker attending a funeral in a scene from Fast and Furious 7 just days before the actor’s death in a fiery crash.

The clip shows Walker’s character Brian O’Conner talking to Tyrese Gibson’s character Roman Pierce at the funeral of Han and Gisele, who died at the end of the sixth film.

To which Walker replies: “Just one more.”

Walker’s ominous line is a reference to Jason Statham’s character Ian Shaw, who was introduced in the sixth instalment and set-up as a villain.

“Promise me Brian, no more funerals,” says Gibson.

The leaked clip was posted on on November 27, just days before Walker died, with the explanation that it was an extra scene included in the Blu-ray and DVD copy of Fast and Furious 6, to be released on December 10 in the US.

“There aren’t any tears shed (they’re all too manly for that), but Vin Diesel does croak out ‘You were always my brother Han. He put you in the grave, so now I’ll do the same to him’,” reported.

Walker was working on the seventh instalment of the popular movie franchise when he was killed in a car crash in California on November 30.

The 40-year-old actor was a passenger in a Porsche driven by his friend and business partner Roger Rodas that crashed into a pole and exploded.

Rodas also died in the accident.

The pair attended a charity event to raise money for the Philippines typhoon just before the crash.

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