‘America’s Next Top Model’ British Invasion Reveals Tyra’s Models

americas next top model british invation tyra banks

America’s Next Top Model‘ ended last season with lots of controversy and Tyra Banks sending judge Andre Leon Talley back to his ‘salon’. Angelea Preston’s news making exit is still a mystery and we found out that her contract keeps her from telling what really happened.

americans next top model cycle 18 tyra banks british
After 18 cycle, Tyra Banks knows that her ‘America’s Next Top Model‘ is losing some fans so she’s changing things up by having seasoned contestants from ‘Britain Next Top Model‘ compete against American newbie wannabes. This should be interesting as these fans knew nothing about Angelea Preston being kicked off the show, but I’m sure next cycle will have the new batch quietly mentioning it. I’m sure Ms. Banks will cut out any mention of Preston though, but we did find out that her contract she signed won’t ever allow her to tell what really happened. That bit of controversy will probably get higher ratings this season after all the hoopla.

Guest judges for this Cycle 18 include singer Kelly Osbourne, reality star Kris Jenner, singer Estelle, fashion designer Georgina Chapman, “So You Think You Can Dance” host Cat Deeley, former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta, model Beverly Johnson and designer Barney Cheng.
andre leon talley replaced by kelly cutrone americas next top model
I’ll actually miss Andre Leon Talley as he just makes you laugh, and I’m sure that doesn’t help when Tyra gets less attention than one of the judges. So, Talley got knocked out and replaced by Kelly Cutrone who won’t get too much attention and take that spotlight away from Ms. Banks. Otherwise, we know how she’ll just find another judge who sucks up to her and lets her be the shining star. Banks did say that she may be able to do another project with Talley, but we’ve all learned that if the project doesn’t star Tyra, it won’t be happening.

Anyway, here’s all the models from the upcoming British Invasion, and with the culture clash, there’s bound to be plenty of drama. As we know that’s what makes the show watchable. I’ll be curious to see if the prize package includes all the Vogue that Talley brought when he was a judge. We’ll see.
americas next top model british invasion model
america's next top model british invasion 2012
tyra banks americas next top model cycle 18
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will she be americas next top model british invastion winner 2012
So you can catch Ms Banks and her new judge Wednesday, February 29, 2012. Let’s see how this one stacks up to our favorite Andre Leon Talley. I’ll miss him.

America’s Next Top Model British Invasion – Best Movies Ever

‘America’s Next Top Model’ British Invasion Reveals Tyra’s Models – Best Movies Ever News


  1. I was kind of confused when I found out about the “gimmick” for this cycle. This is AMERICA’S next top model… so why are there British models? If they had just aired it as a spin-off with a different title, I’d have no problem.

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