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Baby Steps

Best Movies Ever Entertainment News started back in 2009 more as a funsite while between movie projects since we love movies so much, and many times there are some great indie films floating out there that people aren’t aware so we wanted to make people aware of them. It was even just another page on our production site, but we never expected it to catch on so quickly. It was a fun place to put up some of our favorite movies (especially horror) for people to check out in one place, but before long, we started getting people sending in news tips and asking if we’d review their latest film.
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Things Got Bigger

Within a few months our hosting provider (GoDaddy) suspended the account since we were getting too much traffic (that was something new for me), so it was either pull it down or move to a better host that could handle a little bit more traffic. We didn’t realize that within a month we were getting nearly 2,000 unique hits a day. I just figured that a few people were checking it out and that was it. It’s nice to be wrong in that way. So we changed the bad logo (up at the top) to something a little nicer. My partner Ben actually insisted on it since the site started getting noticed by the studios and Hollywood press. Rather than try to make it more in the line of Deadline Hollywood and those types of blogs, we just kept doing as we were giving our opinion and passion for movies.

I didn’t realize how many studios were keeping an eye on our site until I did a review on the movie ‘Skyline’ (hated it), and suddenly ‘anonymous comments’ began showing up saying that they felt that it was a fake review, etc. Our web whiz checked out where these were coming from, and I was rather surprised that the IP was linked to Warner Bros & Paramount (who released the film). Suddenly we started getting a lot of screeners sent to us since we said why we hated a movie if we hated it and why we loved it, etc. Nothing bugs us more than a site that gives a horrible movie a glowing review and the studios advertisements are running on it. With our movie advertisers, we let them know that if we don’t like the movie, we’re not going to lie and say we do just because they’ve got a banner running at the top of our homepage.
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Best Movies Ever Entertainment News Now

Now that we’ve switched over to a dedicated server (I never would have believed we would have had to do this) to keep our advertisers and readers happy, we’ve also created a facebook page along with bringing on several new writers to keep us on top of the latest breaking news in movie and television. We cover just the stories that interest us the most and leave the boring news to Deadline, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. Mainly we just like bringing news for all your movie lovers who are just as big of a geek as we are.

As many of the images we use are from tipsters are members postings, we are not responsible for this. If the content violates copyright, please contact us and we will remove the images immediately. When you have so many tips coming through daily along with images from movie studios these things can slip through the cracks, but we respond quickly.