UPDATED: ‘A-List New York’ Season 3 Renewal On Bubble Mike Ruiz Not Returning

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The ‘A-List New York’s‘ second season introduced a straight girl Nyasha who really amped up the drama, but Logo is still up in the air about bringing back the gay answer to Bravo’s ‘Housewives‘ series, and the only sane one on the show, Mike Ruiz, won’t be coming back.

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Logo has been keeping quiet about the return of their answer to Bravo’s successful ‘Housewives‘ series ‘The A-List New York‘, and the castmembers have been claiming to be just as in the dark. Sadly, the voice of reason of the bunch, Mike Ruiz, won’t be returning to the show, and after seeing the reunion shows, I couldn’t blame him. It seemed more like the cast penalizes him for not getting sucked into all their needless drama, but Ruiz being over fourty has been through it all so he knows which battles to choose.
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Cast member Derek Saathoff had this to say, “I know Mike will continue to do amazing things and I am very happy for him. I don’t think my cast mates or I will be effected by his choice of not returning to the A List NY should there be a 3rd season.” Derek also says he doesn’t know if he’d return for a third season, but I think most of us know the answer to that one.

The one show that’s a bonified hit on Logo is ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’ which has a pretty much open ended invitation to keep getting renewed. Our sources over at the ever growing cable network let us know that there’s still been no word on ‘A-List’s’ return for a third season. “They’re seeing how the fans react before pulling the trigger. Even though new cast member Nyasha brought plenty of drama to the show, the fan’s reaction was so negative that don’t be surprised if she doesn’t return.”

Our own Miss Sashay was not to crazy about Nyasha as it seems like so many of these shows love to perpetuate the stereotype of the crazy black woman. The ‘A-List Dallas’ hasn’t had much better fan reaction either as Miss Sashay said that going from ‘A-List New York to Dallas’ was like walking from a boutique into a Walmart. I couldn’t have said it any better.

Unlike the other cast members, Ruiz was much more graceful about his reason for not returning. “I benefited from it in many ways but it’s just run its course for me,” Ruiz says. He remains a real class act that the other so called ‘A-Listers’ could learn from.

UPDATE: We just heard from our sources over at Logo, and there’s no intention of renewing the ‘A-List’ New York or Dallas.  That’s a sucky 2011 Christmas present for the guys, but we’re hearing that Logo’s going more mainstream, which means featuring gays that are safer for mainstream audiences…like RuPaul and that dreaded little model who’s retiring ‘Eden’ who’s getting her own show.  From what we hear she’ll be surrounded by some very flamboyant handlers which seems to be what Logo wants to show to represent gay America now.

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‘A-List New York’ Season 3 Renewal On Bubble Mike Ruiz Not Returning – Best Movies Ever News


  1. Girl paaallleeezzz, go away Nyasha, and don’t come back! BUT, come on LOGO.  Get your heads out of your collective asses and bring us another season for crying out loud.  Are you complete morons to not realize what a gem you have in The A List?  These boys are better than anything BRAVO ever came up with.  They beat the hell out of any of the desperate, mob, housewives from any county or city in America or the boring and hairy Kardashians and for my money they give RuPaul a run for his. Bring or boys back damn it!

  2. the a-list was the only thing logo  had going for it. i liked the Dallas version as well. I’m black and  i couldn’t stomach Nyasha, aren’t there any black gay men in New York? perhaps the new series DTLA will last moe than a season lol. Love Darrell stevens. Oh well looks like as usual Logo has no clue what viewers want to see! I’m still pissed over Noah’s Arc being dropped! Oh well, there is always Dvd thanks for the memories Logo! U suck!

  3. Love the A List. Hubby watches his car stuff and I couldnt wait for the A List. Big mistake Logo. Very sad. Loved Austin and I couldnt stand the girl!

  4. its a shame that a good lgbt show like the A-LIST is not returning…but u will keep rupaul on??… what’s up with that “LOGO” tv.
    PS. have you watched your own network lately…sad

  5. Bj Pedersen says:

    So sad that the A-list will not be returning. I was looking forward to seeing the boys and the drama that comes with them this summer. I will miss the show and I hope they are all doing well!!

  6. Oh, come on now! Must be a bunch of homophobic bureaucrats running Logo. I found the New York A-List very entertaining. Minus Nyasha of course. And if Mike Ruiz chooses not to return, so be it. It’s his choice and I respect that. But there’s plenty of entertainment without those two so why punish the audience that ultimately keeps Logo on the air. Perhaps they’ve forgotten that. We all have a choice on what we watch on TV and there’s plenty of other channels out there.

  7. Free Your Mind says:

    Even though this show has been accused of perpetuating stereotyoes for the LGBT community the drama that fuels this show and many others like it is what put these networks on the map to begin with. Logo owes it to it’s loyal viewers to bring A-list NY back for another season!

  8. I don’t understand why Logo would be keeping us in the dark as to whether or not the show will continue or end. The show is great, maybe it doesn’t portray all of us in a positive light, but I still think that it’s entertaining and fun to watch. I will really be saddened if it’s cancelled!

  9. This is so typical of Logo and Here TV. They put a show on get you hooked on it, and then drop it. Tell me why can’t you guys get your act together. I hate RuPauls drag show! Logo should lose more viewers, and maybe the entire site will disappear.


  11. LOGO!!!!!! I am devastated-WHERE IS MY SHOW???? The A-List New York is one of my favorite shows. Sure there was alot of drama but thats what kept me fascinated & kept me wanting more. I never knew of the Logo TV until I accidentally came accross A-List New York and ive been hooked since. PLEASE BRING BACK MY SHOW

  12. I am a single straight female and though I never quite liked the Dallas version I do miss the A List in New York. Who ever is in charge needs to put it back on the air. It is the best gay soap opera and there is not a lot to choose from but I have always loved watching the dramatics. I have never cared for Nyasha and that was a huge mistake bringing her in. We need a third season and a fourth and a fifth. Personally, I do not want to see Mike leave but with his marriage he might need to take a break from all the childish hoopla. He is soo cute!

    Who is in charge that I need to address the return to???

  13. Well, Mike wasn’t really a huge part of season 2, so… I don’t really see what the big deal is. It’s as though they’d already slowly weened us off of him during the second season so that come the third season you won’t even know he’s gone.
    Give me more TJ and the show will carry on just fine. In fact, just give him his own show. It’d be tons better than the dreck that Logo usually pushes out…

  14. I hope Nyasha goes away, she has no class and talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk! Everytime I would watch the show…i was like please give her 2 min of face time. I think she tried WAY TOO HARD to be the Kristin Cavallari of the show. She wouldn’t let anyone get in a word and thought she was always right, I was like homegirl…your only a baby, so don’t sit there and act like you have so much room to talk. And please get over the racism thing…no one is racist against Nyasha…shes stupid and portrayed the crazy black lady herself. That might be stereotypical…but im not the one who was throwing my hand around, screaming and trying to act like i own the world…And Im not white…so I got a lot of room to talk!!! thats all…

  15. 3rd season PLEASE!!!! Im a single staight female and love your show. Dallas sucks their a bunch of wanna be’s Except for Chase

  16. It’ll be sad to see the voice-of-reason Mike leave. He’s such a good role model and a positive influence on everyone – gay or straight. I really hope the producers get rid of Nyasha though… every time I saw her, she was stirring up unnecessary drama, while being a vile, disrespectful woman. She is as classless as Austin!

  17. Mike Ruiz was the only one on the show who I didn’t feel was an embarrassment to the gay world. Of course, in reality TV that also means he’s kind of boring – but that’s the highest compliment you can pay someone who has been on the show. And the middle school girls on the cast can’t stand him b/c he won’t get sucked into their sandbox drama. Even though he contributed little, without Ruiz this show has no positive aspects at all and should be cancelled. Fox might pick it up since it portrays gay people in such a bad light and lends credibility to every bad gay stereotype there is. Hell it’s even created a few new ones! Good for you Mike. And good luck with those t shirts lol. And as far as the racist comments go, most gay guys I know LOVE LOVE LOVE black women. i don’t think the venom being hurled Neeasha’s way is a result of her skin color but rather her behavior. I didn’t mind seeing her on the show but she wasn’t the nicest person… which is unfortunate b/c she has the look.

  18. Nyasha sucks!!! She’s just like school on Sunday… no class!

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