2011 Sexiest Celebrity Santa’s

2011 celebrity santas katie perry mariah carey hot

2011 Sexy Celebrity Santas

You all definitely have quite a variety of tastes in what you considered the sexiest celebrity (male & female) Santas for 2011, and here’s everyone that you chose, plus some a couple little sexy Santa vids you’ll appreciate.

jake gyllenhaal in santa cap from jarhead movie no shirt
I was surprised that there weren’t more celebrities that have donned the Santa Claus cap or outfit, but you all were able to find some pretty nice ones if I must say for our first ever 2011 Sexiest Celebrity Santa’s. With this time of year, we forget that while we grew up with one image of the jolly old man, some people have made us feel weird making his outfit more interesting! I will put up this one that so many of you sent in even though technically Ryan Gosling isn’t wearing a Santa suit or hat, but he does have a big ball on the end so we’ll make this exception for Ryan.
ryan gosling christmas santa cap singing 2011
The rest are below along with some memorable moments from ‘Jar Head’, ‘Bad Santa‘ and the ‘New Girl‘ that a big portion of you readers will enjoy. And for you guys and girls looking for the female celebs, just go to the next page at the bottom of this one. I thought I’d let the guys have a chance to go first this year. If you’re impatient, then just click here to go straight to the women!

ryan phillippe working his santa outfit sans shirt 2011

Remember Me??? Ryan Phillippe

ashton kutcher working only a santa cap for holidays 2011

Ashton Kutcher

adam brody looking cute with santa claus hat 2011

Adam Brody

nick cannon in a santa claus outfit sleight for christmas holiday

Nick Cannon

nick zano in a santa clause outfit looking hot 2011

Nick Zano

max greenfield in new girl tv show sexy santa scene 2011

Max Greenfield Sexy Santa Scene

matt damon hot in his santa clause outfit 2011

Matt Damon

jake gyllenhaal in jarhead santa hat scene with no shirt

Jake Gyllenhaal

And here’s that Jake Gyllenhaal pic from the movie that hardly anyone saw but keep asking for. Merry Christmas guys and girls!
jake gyllenhaal lost his clothes and holds groin love and other drugs

Now click to go to the Sexy Female Celebrity Santas!


  1. starlite auto theatre says:

    Gotta love that magnificently sexy body by Jake Gyllenhaal!

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